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Automatic retry settings for batch jobs has been fully released for D365 F&O with version 10.0.18 which went General Availability as of April 16 2021.

With this feature there is a new interface called BatchRetryable. This interface is quite simplistic but basically allows you to implement a new method called IsRetryable. This method will be called when the batch system encounters a transient error. This method simply returns true or false to determine if the job should retry.

BatchRetryable Interface

The Setup

I have a Controller, Contract, Dispatcher setup. The BatchRetryable is attached to the Controller class.

I am fairly new to the whole D365 development world. After the contracted company worked for two years to implement it into the company I was giving around 3 weeks of training. As the sole developer for our D365 system, at this point, I’ve learned just how large and complicated it can be to work with.

We recently need to update our production environment which went pretty smoothly. However we need to re-deploy a development environment through LCS (Lifecycle Services) that include the new development tool setup. After running through all the setup steps I am left with one troublesome…


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